Zendaya and John David Washington portray a toxic couple finally speaking on their differences.

John David Washington and Zendaya star in Malcolm & Marie. (Dominic Miller/Netflix)

This Morning, I decided to check out Malcolm and Marie, a 2021 American black-and-white romantic drama film written and directed by Sam Levinson. The film stars John David Washington(Malcolm) and Zendaya(Marie) as the title characters, a director and his girlfriend, whose relationship is tested, on the night of his latest film’s premiere. Both stars helped produce the film.

While this film is realistic and brutally honest, I must also give a trigger warning for anyone who has been in an abusive relationship of any kind. I…

It’s not a Full Moon without my live readings on YouTube or a holiday without my email drowning in shopping deals. These are just a few ways that brands keep communication circulating to their customers. Brilliant marketing is telling a story, being interesting, or entertaining. Am I going to get something from opening this email? Will I laugh at this IG reel?

Top 5 Ways to Market Your Brand in 2021
Top 5 Ways to Market Your Brand in 2021

Best Ways To Market

The most common attention-consuming form of marketing is through videos. People love watching videos and getting the complete experience. There are over a billion people who watched YouTube today alone!

Tutorials, educational, inspirational, or maybe gamer channels are…

If you want it, pretend like you already have it.

Your attention is your energy source by @muchratherwrite on Instagram.
Your attention is your energy source by @muchratherwrite on Instagram.
Pulled from my writing instagram @muchratherwrite.

A few years ago, I discovered speaker and manifestation coach Abraham Hicks or Ester Hicks. From listening to her on YouTube, my understanding of the Law of Attraction has deepened. This has also drastically changed my thought patterns or at least my understanding of trying to control them.

Essentially, the Law of Attraction is calling forth the things that you want in life by thinking about them and truly believing in them. Being completely content in your position right now in life and soothing yourself of any worries or unneeded…

Top 5 tips for the best experience with photographers

Captured by @collinmacphoto in Cleveland, OH

Photoshoots are a great way to not only gain quality shots but also to expand your network. Whether you’re looking for a product shot, behind-the-scenes shot, or a solo-dolo shot, calling in a great photographer is key to success. Over the last 7 or so years, I’ve shot with a handful of photographers (mostly from Detroit, Michigan), and I’ve picked up on a few things over time.

This past weekend, I shot in Cleveland Ohio, and it was one of the most efficient photoshoots of my career. It made me realize…

New Netflix Release Portrays The “Out-Of-Body” Experience

Netflix has just released the show “Behind Her Eyes”, based off of the novel Dead To Her by Sarah Pinborough. “A single mother enters a world of twisted mind games when she begins an affair with her psychiatrist boss while secretly befriending his mysterious wife”. I began watching about 3 hours ago and I haven’t stopped yet. This thriller is not only thrilling, but it’s also eye-opening about the not-so-much-discussed topic of astro projection.

Picture of main cast gathered from Netflix

The out-of-body-experiences held by character Adele (Eve Hewson), aka “psycho wife”, started slowly as a glimpse of what was…

Someone has to say it.

Truth be told, there are a lot of articles and videos that talk about “building your brand” or your target audience. There are billions of viral videos, successful businesses, and dreams that come true daily. This is not another article to tell you the same speil. This, my friend, is an article of encouragement and a reminder that you have something irreplaceable.

Captured by my iPhone in Cancun, Mexico

No One Is You

There will never be anyone with the same exact genetic makeup, story, or background. …

Here’s the #1 mistake with your story… it’s not yours.

Authenticity is something that’s much easier said than done. The intentions of others are always in question. Am I the only one who questions myself daily? The history of us as a nation, within families, and past relationships has awakened an era of individuals with trust issues.

Photo gathered from USA Today

“oh-ooh, trust issues” (Drake’s voice)

With that being said, to build real-life connections, we have to be authentic. And whether you want a million friends, or just one.. …

#3 — Take a nice, cold shower.

Quote on facing your fears.
Quote on facing your fears.
Graphic made on Canva by Carlita — (Follow my pen-insta)

What if anxiety was just the universe trying to bring us present.

[Background: I enjoy conversations revolving the wellbeing of our mental space. I started a deeper dive into my spiritual journey when I spent 200 hours OM’ing with Naomi Gold and my ytt family at Detroit Yoga Lab. I strongly encourage anyone to do this, regardless of if you want to become a teacher or deepen your practice].

Fear is something we all deal with at whatever capacity. Regardless of how well you face your fears, we all have to bite the…

How to Succeed Through Our First Retrograde of 2021

Picture by @dolce_stelar

On January 30, 2021, the planet Mercury went retrograde, where it will be until February 20, 2021. The retrograde motion doesn’t mean the planet is moving backward, it just seems like it is based on its relativity to the positions of how it moves, with the Earth, around the sun.

Mercury RX is one of the most controversial transits, especially to astrology newbies upon first hearing of its effects. It causes delays, miscommunication, and a series of unfortunate events some days. …

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Last year was one of the most challenging and growth-inspiring times of my life. Pre-corona, I had just gone through a break-up, and during corona, not only did I lose my biggest client, but my father passed away suddenly. It felt like my whole year was spent grieving and singing my heart out to every sad song known to mankind.

I listened to Mary J. Blidge, Aerosmith, Jhene Aiko, Jessie Reyez, Selena, Halsey, Ed Sheeran and so many more. Listening to music like this helped with my pain, sadness, and grief. …

Carlita Jones

Hi, I’m CJ. I like to write about the human experience. Learn more about me here: https://linktr.ee/hippiecj

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